Motivational And Musical Programs
Inspired By The Unique Perspective Of A Visionary Blind Man
And How The Gift Of Blindness Changed His Life

Vinny St. Marten, the last of sixteen children, was born with glaucoma and lost his eyesight by the time he was seven. He grew up in a family riddled with violence, abuse, and alcoholism.

As a young boy, music quickly became his refuge. It allowed him to escape from the world of fear that surrounded him. Vinny became a professional musician and toured throughout the United States and Europe. For years, life was one big party.

When Vinny eventually stopped to reexamine his life, he realized that his blindness was a gift and that he had an incredible story to share.

 The Blind Truth a Musical Journey 


 “SOUL OF THE CENTURY,” Vinny’s personal tribute to his musical hero Ray Charles, will be performed at various locations in the coming weeks. 

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Soul of The Century

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THINK ABOUT IT is a multi-media motivational program highlighting the challenges Vinny faced as a young blind boy.

He grew up in a neighborhood where prejudice, racism and bullying were an acceptable part of everyday life. Little did Vinny know that one day, his blindness would enable him to see how wrong this behavior was.

Vinny has brought this inspiring and educational presentation to schools, colleges, churches, businesses and civic organizations. He has also been featured in community newspapers, Newsday, and on Channel 12 News. His compelling message will captivate any audience.

THE BLIND TRUTH is Vinny’s musical autobiography. Each song chronicles the struggles he had to endure and how the gift of blindness and his passion for music saved his life.

SOUL OF THE CENTURY is Vinny’s personal tribute to his musical hero, Ray Charles.

When visualizing a Ray Charles tribute, one would expect to see an African American performer sitting at a piano. When Vinny appears on stage, the audience encounters a short, white guy with a shaved head fronting the band. But with his dynamic singing, his natural comedic style, and his playful sense of humor, Vinny puts everyone at ease. And after watching him dance, jump, and physically interact with his band members, people begin to wonder if perhaps, he really can see.

Vinny has been privileged to perform this act at festivals, fundraisers, corporate events and private parties. He has also taken the live show to Russia several times, playing to sold out audiences and standing ovations. Let him energize your next event with this exciting performance.