“Soul of the Century”


“Soul of the Century” Is being performed at various locations.

Locations, Dates, Times

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


134 Main Street

Cold Spring Harbor,  NY  11724

7:30 pm

 “He’s not really blind.”
“Yes he is.”
“No, he’s not. But he does a great imitation of a blind person.”

This is an actual conversation that took place after one of Vinny St. Marten’s performances. And it is a conversation that is repeated every time he takes the stage. When performing his personal tribute to Ray Charles, Vinny’s dynamic singing immediately captivates the audience. His natural comedic style and playful sense of humor puts them at ease. And after watching Vinny dance, jump and physically interact with his band members, people begin to wonder if perhaps, he really can see.

When visualizing a Ray Charles tribute, one would expect to see an African American performer sitting at a piano. When VInny appears on stage, the audience encounters a short, white guy with a shaved head. During a recent television interview, the reporter commented to Vinny, “You close your eyes and Ray Charles is here.”

Vinny grew up the last of sixteen children. He was born with glaucoma and totally lost his sight by the time he was eight years old. His family struggled with violence, abuse and poverty. As a young boy, music quickly became his refuge. He began banging on his mother’s pots and pans and ultimately became a professional drummer and vocalist.

Young Vinny was twelve years old when he first heard Ray Charles sing. He was immediately moved by Ray’s unique soul and spirit. But Vinny did not initially realize that Ray was also blind. When he found out, it gave him renewed hope and encouragement, and Ray Charles became Vinny’s musical hero.

After the movie “Ray” was released in 2004, Vinny was asked to create an act honoring his music and his memory. Since then, he has performed at festivals, corporate events and private parties. Vinny also took the live show to Russia several times, where he played to sold out crowds and standing ovations.

Vinny’s personal tribute to Ray Charles, the man he calls “the soul of the century,” is an exciting, entertaining show that leaves audiences cheering and clamoring for more. For your next special event, please visit www.vinnystmarten.com  email TheBlindTruth1@gmail.com or call 516-676-2024 .